What Makes Us Different

It’s no wonder why the oldest trailers on the road are Tennessee Trailers. We use only the highest quality steel to manufacture our frames and parts. Our competitors’ tube frames may look like our frames from the outside, but appearances can be deceiving. Our competitors make their frames from 11 gauge sidewall materials which are 0.120 inches thick. That’s less than 1/8 of an inch!

Tennessee Trailers is the only marine trailer manufacturer to use 3/16-inch-thick sidewall tubing for marine trailer frames. That’s almost twice as thick as anything our competition has to offer! Think about that: our competition is charging you roughly the same price for half the steel! An 11 gauge frame will last on average 7 years then it will rust through from the inside out. We’ve been building 3/16 inch tube frames since the early 1990’s and we have yet to have one rust through. If you plan on owning your boat for at least 5 years, you may have to buy a whole new trailer… unless you were wise enough to buy a Tennessee Trailer the first time. Owning a Tennessee Trailer also increases your sales value when you go to trade-in or sell your boat since replacing a worn out, rusted-through trailer won’t be an issue or extra expense to consider.

At Tennessee Trailers, we have all of our siderail tubing custom-rolled for exclusive use on our trailers to ensure the highest surface quality on the market. We don’t accept tubes with roll marks or mill scale. We then add PPG automotive paints for the best-in-industry paint job. Most trailer manufacturers only offer black, khaki, or galvanized/aluminum, and their paint is not automotive quality. We have over 400 custom colors for over 30 brands of boats and can custom-match anything if provided a sample; generally at no extra charge (except yellows and whites). Unlike powder coated finishes which cannot be repaired, our paints can be easily touched up or repaired through a local PPG paint supplier and we can provide paint codes for your convenience.

For those needing a trailer for saltwater or brackish water, we again go beyond the competition. Our competitors build their trailers by making lots of small parts, having baskets of those parts galvanized, and then bolt it all together. At Tennessee Trailers, we start by custom-cutting the parts for each order, fully welding the frame out of raw steel, and then having the entire frame hot-dip galvanized. That’s a tremendous difference in quality and longevity. No bolts getting loose and wallowing out holes in siderails. No frustrations over loosing a critical bolt or nut. No worries because you have a fully-welded, quality frame built to last a lifetime.

And the differences don’t stop there! We only work with only the best suppliers to furnish our trailers with the highest quality components on the market. Taking care of our customers is our bread and butter. For years, we have offered the best customer service in the industry. Eric, our Vice President, personally handles all customer service and warranty claims and acts as your personal liaison for handling any warranty with a supplier. We take care of our customers and we demand our vendors do the same. No runaround. No excuses. If it’s a legitimate claim, we’ll make it right and do so faster than anyone else in the industry.

In addition to thicker steel, more welds, automotive paints, better components, and the best customer service; the real difference is the look you get from the others when your boat sits on top of a trailer that is custom-engineered for your exact boat and personalized for your exact demands. We not only build the toughest marine trailers in the world, we also build the most beautiful. Our job is to make your boat look even better when it’s sitting on a Tennessee Trailer. That’s also why so many Top 100 Marine Dealers use our trailers in their showrooms, parades, and boat shows.