Two Year Limited Warranty:

To the original purchaser, Tennessee Trailers warrants each new Tennessee Trailer to be free from defect in materials and workmanship for a period of (2) two years from the date of purchase when used under normal conditionsand within the rated load carrying capacities. Tennessee Trailers shall repair or replace, without charge, any parts found to be defective because of workmanship or materials, within a reasonable time after the trailer is returned at purchaser’s expense to Tennessee Trailers.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to complete the registration below within 15 days of the time of purchase and return it to Tennessee Trailers.


Provisions of this warranty shall not apply to any product which is found to be altered or modified in any way, nor shall the warranty apply to any defect which was caused by damage, unreasonable use, or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance. The warranty will not cover damage caused by overloading the trailer beyond stated capacities or the use of improperly installed weight distribution hitches in conjunction with hydraulic surge brakes. Due to the highly corrosive conditions a trailer is exposed to, rust formation is not covered. The warranty does not cover lights, couplers, winches, tongue jacks, springs, and tires or wheels, as these items are warranted separately by their manufacturer.

No transportation charge or related expense. Labor, service charges, or unauthorized replacement or repairs will be paid by Tennessee Trailers.

Warranty Registration

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