Other Specialty Trailers

Other Specialty Trailers

Other Specialty Trailers

We’re always looking for the next idea. Since the Recession, it became apparent we could no longer rely on our traditional business. We saw our fellow Americans have trouble buying traditional fishing boats and move to fishing kayaks; and we watched the younger generation struggle to afford traditional home mortgages or question the need for tradition home, so we got to work:

Tanasi Edition Trailer Line:

Our home is East Tennessee, a landscape dominated by mountains and water. Before the centuries of development and modernization, this land was the home of the Cherokee and their capital, Tanasi: the namesake of our state. Our Tanasi Edition Tennessee Trailers are designed to get you out of the modern world and back into the wilderness.
We’ve found most folks don’t want to do just one thing while enjoying the great outdoors, so our Tanasi Edition Tennessee Trailers are designed to do more than just haul kayaks. Haul whitewater kayaks, fishing kayaks, canoes, sculls, surf skis, hang gliders, bicycles, and all your gear with ease. And if you need to also carry an ATV or dirt bikes, larger utility beds and custom sizes are available! Each trailer is custom ordered and hand welded at our factory in Soddy-Daisy, TN.

The core box frame of our Tanasi Edition Tennessee Trailers is made from up-cycled 4” x 2” steel tubing scap we generate manufacturing our pontoon trailers. Rather than send off the scrap to a recycling center to melt it down to make new steel products, we’ve found a way to repurpose it, which saves the energy it would have taken to recycle it. It’s a small act that we hope makes a big impact over time. Reduce by reusing! The frame is fully welded by hand, including the metal steps and jeep-style fenders. No cheap plastic parts here.

We equip every Tanasi Edition Tennessee Trailer with automotive-style submersible LED lights. Our lights come with a Lifetime warranty to the original owner. The lights are mounted in rubber grommets in steel housings in our steel steps, which allow you to jump and climb all over the trailer without damaging your lights.

We believe in the highest quality axles so we use Tie Down Engineer VORTEX hubs for our axles. The VORTEX system features Lucas Oil Lithium Marine Grease, which is 100% waterproof. Our VORTEX axles come with a 6-year or 100,000 mile warranty and require zero service for the first 6 years or 100,000 miles. Spend your time in the wilderness, not on your knees servicing an old fashioned axle.

All of our frames are fully welded. We offer both PPG automotive-grade paints as well as hot-dip galvanizing for salt and/or brackish waters. Our standard paint color is gloss black, but with PPG we can custom paint any color for an up-charge. Hot-dip galvanizing is the better choice for saltwater or brackish water use. Again, we fully weld the frame and have it dipped as one solid piece instead of galvanizing parts and bolting them together later to make the frame, which is a tremendous difference in strength, quality, and longevity.

Our Tanasi Edition Tennessee Trailers come standard with safe chains, swivel nose jack, and Special Trailering (ST) Radial tires. We have a wide variety of wheel styles for many budgets. Our 2,100 lb capacity model come standard with ST 175/80R13C radial tires with 13-inch wheels and our 2,650 lb capacity model come standard with ST 205/75R14C radial tires with 14-inch wheels.

Each trailer can be custom built to suit your exact needs. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Commercial-Grade Trailers:

Tennessee Trailers is happy to work with our customers to develop truly unique trailers specialized to the customer’s specific needs. Take our Commercial-Grade LBJ-950 Tennessee Trailers, for instance. We developed the Commercial-Grade LBJ-950 to meet the specific needs for professional fly fishermen traveling from the Florida Keys to the Canadian Rockies, who often tow their boats into the backcountry with ATV’s. We started by taking our fully-welded, hot-dipped galvanized LBJ-950 frame and adding LED lights with a lifetime warranty for superior brightness with less power consumption. We upgraded the tires to ST 175/80R13C radial tires with 13-inch galvanized wheels for better highway stability and superior off-road durability. We also upgraded the hubs from a traditional grease hub to our Tie Down Engineering Vortex hubs which do not need to be checked or serviced for 6 years, meaning less time digging out the grease gun and packing bearings and more time fishing. We even engineered a custom tilt feature to allow the boat to be launch from a high riverbank for when there is no ramp in the backcountry and added a 1,400 winch with a 20 foot 4,000 lb test strap to get out of the water and back to civilization without issues.

The end result is a superior trailer designed specifically for those demanding the best features with the most reliable performance in the toughest conditions. That’s why customers from professional anglers to SWAT and Fire & Rescue teams rely on Tennessee Trailers to get them to the water and back.

Let us help you customize the right trailer to fit your exact needs. Contact our experts to get started today!