About Us

About Us

Tennessee Trailers is the oldest, continuously operating marine trailer manufacturer in the United States. Since 1958 we have been manufacturing the highest quality products right here in Tennessee.


What makes us different:


Tennessee Trailers has been manufacturing trailers for over 60 years. This experience allows us to understand customer requirements and the potential issues of trailer design. Trailer manufacturers come and go. When you purchase a Tennessee trailer, you can count on the quality that only a company with 60 years of experience can bring and have the confidence that we will be here to support you in the future.

Quality components.

From axles to winches, to jacks and lighting, the materials we use are tried and true. Quality components combined with unparalleled experience means you can have confidence that your trailer will stand the test of time.

Customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide you a unique, high quality trailer. We recognize that our products are often the link between your boat and fun on the water. Our trailers are built to give you the peace of mind that your trip to and from your adventure will be care free.